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Step 1

Download Software

Once you have joined the STUDENTserver, first order of business is downloading and installing one or more of the many Bentley software products relevant to your studies. Be sure to check for the vital Site Activation Code required to register the software as part of the installation process.
Step 3

Review Transcript

Bentley records each student’s completion of onDemand training in their personal Bentley Professional Training Transcript. It is available for review at any time and can be forwarded by Bentley to potential employers for both internships and full employment. It may take up to 24 hours for a completed course to appear in your transcript.
Step 2

Take Online Training

To learn how to use Bentley software, be sure to check out the online training. You will find a wide range of topics from how to use your new software to advanced subjects taught by experts in the field. To get started a list of recommended introductory courses are available on the eLearning page.
Step 4

Visit Be Communities

Through the Be Communities, Bentley provides access to a wealth of information including discussion forums, wikis, blogs, about all Bentley products as well as design/engineering discipline specific communities where students and faculty can network with working professionals and Bentley colleagues.